Diss U3A June meeting – The R34 Adventure – The First Transatlantic Return Flight by Basil Abbott

R34Basil Abbott is the Curator of Diss Museum.  He oversees the day to day running of the Museum, and the creation of new displays. He also is involved in outreach activities including: talks to groups and schools, R34~2tours of the town (including a Murder Tour) and events like the Roydon Riots Centenary (1993), Skelton Festival (2004), Nelson Bi-centenary ( 2005), Betjeman Centenary (2006), Local History Festival (2007) and the Thomas Paine Bi-centenary (2009). Interest in the Museum is promoted by regular columns in the local newspaper and community magazine. Basil’s contribution to the Museum and the town of Diss has been acknowledged through a number of awards which he has received.

Basil’s fascinating talk to Diss U3A featured the R34 airship. In 1919 the R34 became the first double R34#3airborne conqueror of the Atlantic. The airship set off from East Fortune in Scotland, flew to Long Island and back to Pulham in Norfolk. Basil described the background to the flight, the commandeering of German Zeppelin technology and the characters, hazards and bravery of this epic voyage.

The next meeting of Diss U3A will be on Thursday 2nd July 2015, at Diss United Reform Church, starting at 10.30 a.m.  The guest speaker will be John Stark  who will give a talk entitled, “The Mid-Suffolk Light Railway & Museum”.

For further information on Diss U3A please visit the website:  www.dissu3a.org.uk

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