Welcome to South Lopham

Photo of South Lopham Phone Kiosk

This is the official website for the Parish of South Lopham. Here you will find details of your Parish Council, local information and events.

If you are a visitor, a special welcome to our village and lovely countryside, we hope you will find this site useful in finding places to stay and visit.

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Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda

APCM agenda May 2021.pdf

Phone Box Library

Good News.
Thanks to a very kind resident the Phone Box Library has had a fabulous face lift and a good clear out and soon the outside will be getting a lick of paint. New shelves have been fitted and the books arranged neatly.
If anyone has any good quality books or recent magazines they would like to donate please either pop them in the phone box or contact the Clerk who will arrange for them to be collected.
Please try not to dump old newspapers and very out of date magazines, your recycling bin is grateful for those items.

Norfolk Strategic Flood Alliance leaflet

Be Prepared for FloodingV3.pdf

South Lopham Footpath Map

Here is a copy of the paper footpath leaflet & map that the Parish Council has published showing all paths in our parish.
The reason part of this upload is upside down is because it is intended to be printed on A3 paper and folded.
Paper copies of this map can be requested from Rob Webb.


South Lopham Footpath Leaflet as A3 spreads 060819 (2).pdf

Agenda for Parish Council meeting 2nd March 2021

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 2 March 2021 from 1930 via Zoom. If you wish to attend the meeting please contact the Clerk who will issue you with joining instructions.

SLPC Agenda Mar 2021.pdf

Registration of Restricted Byways

Registration of Restricted Byways in South Lopham February 2021

South Lopham Parish Council is currently in the process of applying for four lanes in the village to be designated as Restricted Byways, the lanes are the Upper Drag Way, Lower Drag Way, Chequers Lane and Park Lane. The rationale for the applications is because although our local public footpaths are well used by walkers, there is very limited access to the countryside for horse riders and cyclists. There is also a lack of connectivity between the various paths. The current applications for the four Restricted Byways in the village is to start and address these two needs.

All landowners who own land along the four routes have recently received a copy of the public notice from the parish council informing them of the application and a copy of the notice will be posted on each route.

It should be stressed that registration of the routes as Restricted Byways does not affect ownership of the land on which the routes are to be found, nor alter any existing rights of access that the landowner currently enjoys. Those of you who have lived in the area for several years will be aware that North Lopham parish council undertook a similar registration process of its local lanes and routes a few years ago.

If anyone has any questions about this issue, please feel free to contact myself or any other member of the parish council.

Rob Webb

Chairman Parish Council

Maps of Restricted Byways

Registration of Restricted Byways

Registering Restricted Byways.pdf

Notice of Vacancy

There is a vacancy, if anyone would like to join the Parish Council please contact the Clerk.

J Crisp resignation vacancy notice _1.pdf

2021 meeting dates

Proposed meeting dates;

2 March 2021 – virtual
18 May 2021 – tbc

Casual Vacancy

The is a casual vacancy on South Lopham Parish Council. If anyone is interested in joining the council please contact the Clerk and the Electoral Services Officer at Breckland.

J Crisp vacancy Jan 2021.pdf

Parish Council Audit and Accounts 2019/20

Further to the publication of South Lopham Parish Council’s audited accounts and governance statement for the financial year 2019-20, it is a requirement of the “Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities” that a list of the Council’s expenditure is published. A PDF copy of the document identifying the expenditure for the years 2018/19 and 2019/20 can be viewed at the link below (will open in a new window)

Items of expenditure.pdf

September 2020 meeting

The meeting will be held at 4:00pm on Tuesday 8 September 2020, Valley Farm, Low Common

SLPC Agenda Sept 2020 V1.0.pdf

Parish Council Audit and Accounts, 2019/20

In accordance with the “Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities”, South Lopham Parish Council has published it’s audited accounts and governance statement for the financial year 2019-20. PDF copies of the documents can be viewed at the links below (will open in new windows)

Certificate of exemption 2020.pdf

Notice of electors rights.pdf

Internal Audit report 2020.pdf

Annual Governance Statement 2020.pdf

Accounting Statement 2020.pdf

Account reconciliation 2019-20.pdf

Annual reconciliation 2019-20.pdf

explanation of variances 2019-20.pdf

Meetings During Covid19 Restrictions

During Covid19 South Lopham Parish Council has temporarily suspended in-person meetings. The Council are continuing to carry out their business in so far as this is possible and are using email and telephone to communicate ideas, discuss, agree and approve decisions. All decisions are being recorded and anyone wishing to see any of the supporting paperwork should contact the Clerk.

The Annual Parish Meeting & Annual Parish Council Meeting has been postponed and will be held when practical, in the meantime the existing Chairman and Vice Chairman are continuing in their respective offices.