The Lophams Society

                                       THE LOPHAMS’ SOCIETY

                                       REVISED  CONSTITUTION

 1. The aims and objects of the Society are as follows:-

 (a)    to foster community spirit in North and South Lopham;

(b)    to encourage participation in village life and events;

(c)    to promote awareness of and support for village businesses, activities and organisations.

 2. All residents and former residents of North and South Lopham and their environs shall automatically qualify as members of the Society (“Resident Members”).

 3. The Society shall be administered by a Committee of at least six Resident Members elected at the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) to hold office until the next AGM.

 4. A Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected at the AGM from such Committee to hold office until the next AGM.

 5. The Committee shall meet from time to time as required but no fewer than three times per year.  A quorum shall consist of three Committee members.

 6. An AGM shall be held each April when the Chairman shall give a report on the activities of the Society during the past year.  The business of the AGM shall include the election of the Committee and its officers.  The existing officers and other members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election.  Any other Resident Member shall also be eligible for election.

Welcome to ‘The Lophams’

In April 2008, the then South Lopham Parish Council Chairman, Peter Coster, suggested to the Annual Village Meeting that it might be a good idea to form a village society to foster community spirit, and to help people in what is quite a spread-out village to get to know their fellow villagers.

 This was taken up enthusiastically, a group of volunteers formed a committee, and the South Lopham Village Society was born.  The first event was a hog roast and musical evening, which was a great success, despite testing the patience, skills and ingenuity of the volunteers when the spit mechanism for the hog broke down mid-roast!

 The Society has gone from strength to strength, and many villagers who had never set eyes on one another are now firm friends.  Added to this, it became clear that the Society was getting increased support at functions from residents of North Lopham, with whom we share the use of the Village Hall.  Why not join forces, we thought?

 At a meeting held at the Kings Head in North Lopham in August 2010, it became clear that there was public support for this, volunteers from North Lopham joined the committee, and, to paraphrase the Spice Girls, two became one!  The Lophams Society emerged, blinking, into the sunlight, and the uniting of forces has helped the Society to grow stronger, for the benefit of both villages.

 The Society aims to put on four or five functions a year, including a couple of quizzes, music nights, barbecues and fish and chip suppers.  Suggestions for functions or other activities are always welcome.  The culmination of the year’s efforts is the Christmas ‘Drop-In’ at the Village Hall, where free food, mulled wine and entertainment are supplied for the villagers.  These evenings have been very popular and are well attended.

 Notification of events is by leaflet drop, and/or notices in The Lophams News and ‘Cock-Crow’, as well as posters in the bus-shelter and elsewhere – keep your eyes peeled for the next event.  Membership of the Society is automatic for all current and former residents of North and South Lopham at no cost. Each event is funded with the modest profit made form the previous one.

This Welcome Pack is designed to ensure that all residents, new and old, are aware of the local amenities and organisations, civic and social, and to encourage you to meet your fellow villagers and join in with the social aspects of village life.  Volunteers to assist the work of the committee in running the Society and help with events are always welcome, and we hope that you will come to the AGM each year to let us know what you would like the Society to do for the villages (and perhaps join the committee yourself, or at least become a ‘Friend’!).

 We hope that you find this booklet useful, and very much hope to see you at the next function.

 Simon Dilloway


The Lophams Society

PS – Everyone likes to have a pub in their village, but these days they are disappearing fast – don’t forget to pop into the White Horse in South Lopham, and the King’s Head in North Lopham to enjoy some fine local ales, good food and a warm welcome – Use them or lose them!

7 Responses to The Lophams Society

  1. Elaine says:

    Hi how can I make a complaint
    I was advised this evening that children are not welcome to the drop in. This used to be a great event where children and parents could meet get excited about Christmas, sing carols and mingle with other “older” villagers. Having read the constitution leaving the children and parents of said children out of events is discrimination. I attended the quiz tonight and was advised that The Christmas drop in was Adults only as children misbehaved at a previous event. What is the point if parents supporting the society and the village hall and society. Lopham needs to progress and move forward times change. We need to encourage people not discriminate. People moan when events are not supported I wonder why ! The Lophams are not “inclusive“ or “forward thinking” what was the last event that included children of young people ?

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Elaine, Thanks for your comments regarding the Lophams’ Society Christmas Drop-in. Though we do post a copy of the Lophams’ Society constitution on behalf of the society, the parish council is not directly affiliated with the society which is run by volunteers from the two villages. I will of course pass your comments onto their Chairman. Kind regards, Steve Reynolds, Parish Webmaster.

    • Stephen says:

      Further to this (for the benefit of other website viewers) the Lophams’ Society have confirmed that children are in fact welcome to the Christmas Drop In as usual.

  2. Elaine aldous says:

    Hi, I would like to discuss with someone a donation from the Society for a Lopham’s childrens Christmas party this year. I am aware it is short notice. Apologies for this.

    Kind regards

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Elaine, I’ll pass this on along with your previous comment. Kind regards, Steve Reynolds, Parish Webmaster.

  3. Marie Jones says:

    Hello i have found out my 4 times granparents were from south lopham name leeder wondered if there are any people of still there thank you

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Marie, a search of the online phone directory shows a number of people with the surname Leeder living in the wider Diss area but none specifically in South Lopham. As such any remaining residents by that name would have presumably had their details removed from the public directory I’m afraid that we are unable to confirm if anyone by that name is still living in the village. Webmaster.

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