The guest speaker for August was Ian Powys who gave an illustrated talk entitled Crete And The Minoans. Now a popular holiday destination Crete, the largest of the Greek islands has a history of civilisaton dating back around 2,700 BC. Evidence of this early civilisation was discovered following the excavation of Minoan palaces containing frescos, jewellery and pottery. Sadly and as the result of a probable volcanic eruption around 1400BC the Minoans disappeared. Over the centuries and due to its advantageous position in the Mediterranean Crete has been invaded many times by the Venetians, Arab, Greeks and Turks who have all arrived on Crete intent on imposing their own will and culture on this small island. Most recently in 1941 during WW2 Hitler’s army arrived intending to use Crete as a stepping stone to Russia. They unexpectedly incurred huge losses against the British and Commonwealth troops for which many local people were executed in reprisal. Fortunately since then Crete has welcomed a more peaceful type of invasion from holidaymakers who regularly visit to enjoy the climate, scenery and diverse forna and flora which due to its unique location are found only on Crete.

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