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I wonder if anybody else in the village gets upset at the constant cutting of our grass verges. In a time of cut backs in public spending, I cannot understand why two people come to cut the verges quite so frequently. Just as the clover, self heal and other small wild flowers pop their flowers up for bees to explore and enjoy, they are cut off. The grass is reduced to a bare minimum and – when there is any sunshine – quickly dies off and goes an ugly brown. Surely there is a better way of doing this. I realise that people don’t like to see green stuff more than six foot high along the verges. But there must be a compromise possible between the wilderness (which I love and celebrate) and the smaller wild flowers including daisies, dandelions, self heal and clover. Should we not be doing all we can to encourage and help the dwindling numbers of bees and insects. It is simply not good enough that people with big gardens say: ‘well, there are plenty in ours’. This is a national problem and South Lopham is really not contributing to a solution, unlike other places in the area. Penny Young, Blo Norton Road

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