Registration of Restricted Byways

Registration of Restricted Byways in South Lopham February 2021

South Lopham Parish Council is currently in the process of applying for four lanes in the village to be designated as Restricted Byways, the lanes are the Upper Drag Way, Lower Drag Way, Chequers Lane and Park Lane. The rationale for the applications is because although our local public footpaths are well used by walkers, there is very limited access to the countryside for horse riders and cyclists. There is also a lack of connectivity between the various paths. The current applications for the four Restricted Byways in the village is to start and address these two needs.

All landowners who own land along the four routes have recently received a copy of the public notice from the parish council informing them of the application and a copy of the notice will be posted on each route.

It should be stressed that registration of the routes as Restricted Byways does not affect ownership of the land on which the routes are to be found, nor alter any existing rights of access that the landowner currently enjoys. Those of you who have lived in the area for several years will be aware that North Lopham parish council undertook a similar registration process of its local lanes and routes a few years ago.

If anyone has any questions about this issue, please feel free to contact myself or any other member of the parish council.

Rob Webb

Chairman Parish Council

Registering Restricted Byways.pdf

map of proposed restricted byway Top Drag Way map of proposed restricted byway Grange Farm map of proposed restricted byway Park Lane map of proposed restricted byway Lower Drag Way

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  1. Allard & Co says:

    As a land owner involved in the South Lopham Parish Council proposals, regarding the restricted by ways, it would be good to hear from any other land owners or people affected by these proposals. A collective response and accumulated evidence approach is likely to have a greater impact on the consultation process. If any person would like to contact us regarding acting collectively, please contact Allard & Co, [email protected], and we can formulate a united response.

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