Have you found this object?

We received the following communication from a school in Beverley, East Yorkshire, asking for assistance in finding a balloon payload from their science project:

My name is Tanya Woolston, I am a secondary school teacher at Beverley Grammar School in Beverley. On Friday the 8th of December, some boys from our school did a High Altitude Balloon Launch from Worksop College with a payload attached to a weather balloon. The weather balloon rose to the stratosphere taking images as it went, at 27500 meters high the balloon popped and descended back down to earth on a 24″ parachute. We believe that the payload landed in the South Lopham area. We searched a number of fields on Friday and then my husband, children and I drove back down again yesterday to search again as we did not find the payload on Friday. Again we were unsuccessful. I have attached a map of the last know co-ordinates of the payload but it was still around 500m in the air, I was wondering if you could possibly put it in your local news letter that we are still looking for the payload and if they find it if they could contact me either here at the school 01482678552/mobile 07508322399 or by email at [email protected]. The students involved in this project have worked extremely hard for the last year to get the launch to go ahead and are some what disappointed that they did not find it. They are lovely year 8’s and 9s that were involved in the project and I would love nothing more than to find this payload – I have attached images of the boys with the payload. It is in the shape of a pig and inside is a small raspberry pi computer with some trinkets that the boys put in and my contact details. On the SD card for the computer are the images of it’s flight. If anyone does find it I am willing to pay a small reward of £20 and the postage for the payload to be sent back up to us. I do intend to come back down again and search on Saturday the 16th December with my husband and children.If anyone finds it in the mean time I would be very grateful if they could contact me and I will arrange a pick up.

<<Map screenshots after More link>>

2 Responses to Have you found this object?

  1. Sarah Martin says:

    Found it!

  2. Stephen says:

    Hi Sarah, well done! I bet the school will be pleased!

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