Diss U3A August Meeting

The guest speaker at the August meeting was Brian Heard, who gave a talk on life with the police in Hong Kong. This talk followed a previous talk on ‘Forensics in Scotland Yard’.

The next meeting of Diss U3A will be on Thursday 4th September, commencing at 10.30, at Diss United Reform Church.

The guest speaker at the September meeting will be Mark Mitchels who will give a talk on “The Lost City of Dunwich”

For further information on Diss U3A please visit the website: www.dissu3a.org.uk

Brian is a forensics expert who has written books on firearms and ballistics.  He told the group about his experiences in Hong Kong, where, upon arrival, he was given a warrant to arrest and a gun.  In temperatures of 35 degrees and 90% humidity Brian either had to wear a heavy overcoat to hide the gun or an ankle holster which caused problems when trying to sit down.  We were entertained with many stories and anecdotes about his adventures in Hong Kong, such as the incident with the furious Asian buffalo, ‘like a bulldozer with a shovel’ who had escaped from an abattoir. A 12-bore gun merely stunned the angry buffalo so Brian had to hurry back to the police station and bring a powerful military rifle that he used to end the drama.

We also heard about the many rat infested boats used to bring in refugees from China’s mainland, the box of 25 grenades found rusting in the back of a car (which Brian successfully blew up with cortex explosive), horse racing gangs, triads robbing shops and a nocturnal visit to a rat and cockroach infested mortuary to identify a criminal recently shot by the police.

A skull, brought back from Hong Kong, was passed round the audience to illustrate how a bullet had entered and exited the head of an illegal immigrant shot by the police.

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