Diss U3A July meeting

The guest speaker at the July meeting was Doreen Reed, who gave an entertaining performance of her humorous stories and poems.  Doreen lived in Warwickshire as a child but soon discovered the joys of Norfolk whilst out on weekend cycling trips.  She has given many talks to the WI and other organisations and published her own books and CDs of her poems.

The next meeting of Diss U3A will be on Thursday 7th August, commencing at 10.30, at Diss United Reform Church.

The guest speaker at the August meeting will be Brian Heard  who will follow up last year’s talk on forensics at Scotland Yard with a talk on  “Forensic Science in Hong Kong”.

For further information on Diss U3A please visit the website:  www.dissu3a.org.uk

The first poem we heard concerned those hard working worms that live in our compost and munch their way through our rejected vegetable matter. Doreen caused much amusement when she told us how the worm felt as a large head of cauliflower was dropped on its tiny, wriggling body; immediately we were drawn into the world of insects and other tiny creatures.

I’m sure most of the audience will have agreed with Doreen’s thoughts about housework; the image of instant Christmas decorations using spray paint on the cobwebs and an innocent remark about the piles of dust everywhere – well if people turn to dust after they die then….’someone has died under your bed!’

Many of Doreen’s friends and relatives were eternalized in verse, such as 97 year old Grandpa, who had a lisp and when asked what he’d like for his birthday, replied ‘I would love a thong’; he was very disappointed that no-one sang to him! Another tale concerned the 60 year old who thought it reasonable to swop his 50 year old wife for two 25 year olds.

Many poems used witty puns and misunderstandings, such as the anecdote about pinching peaches; was it to see if they were ripe or just because it saved buying them in the market?

Other stories and poems referred to sawn off guns, legs sticking (in and) out of coffins (something about the Hokey Cokey); Auntie’s tablets and Monty Don being confused with….the Full Monty, an unexpected treat that thrilled Granny who was soon on the village hall stage, entwined with a stripper and showing off her frilly knickers.

In all, a most enjoyable and frivolous morning for Diss U3A.

To find out more about Doreen Reed’s career, go to  http://www.doreenreedpoet.com

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