Diss U3A February Meeting

The guest speaker for February was Matthew Jackson who gave a most interesting and revealing talk on The History and Culture of Korea.

The next meeting of Diss U3A will be on 1st March at United Reformed Church commencing at 10.30am. The guest speaker will be David Eddershaw who will be giving a talk entitled The Real Lark Rise (Life Of Flora Thompson).

Please note the AGM will precede this meeting and will commence at 9.30am.

For further information on Diss U3A please telephone 01379 642674 or visit the Diss U3A website (opens in a new window).

Matthew a regular visitor to South Korea shared his passion for the country by interspersing his talk with a series of short films highlighting key moments in Korea’s 5000 year history, also showing examples of intricate carving and art works going back to the 7th century and progressing on to workers rights and welfare laws that pre-date our own by 500 years. One of the most revolutionary changes was implemented in the 15th century by King Sejong who introduced a new 28 letter Korean alphabet in a bid  to ensure that no Korean regardless of status should be hindered by illiteracy. The influence of Buddhism has done much to shape the character of the people and the country which since the end of the war and the separation of North from South has seen remarkable economic success in this previously war torn area. Beginning in the 1970s when Hyundai entered into a contract to build two ships, they have since gone on to become the largest ship builders in the world. Much of the credit for Korea’s economic success must go to its people who have always taken great pride in working for  their country and supporting each other.

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