Rolfe’s Track

The dedcation of Rolfe’s Track as a Public Right of Way

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  1. Steven Manning says:

    Do anyone know how “Rolfe`s track got it`s name ? I have ancestors with the Rolfe surname in the South Lopham, Bressingham area 1850-1900, could there be a connection?

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Steve, I’m not entirely sure what the origin of the name of the track is, but you are correct that the surname Rolfe does have local connections. Let me make some enquiries with other members of the Parish Council who may know. Regards, Steve the webmaster.

    • Stephen says:

      Hello again Steven. I am told by a local resident who was involved in the efforts to keep the track open as a Public Right of Way that they believe that the track was originally used by a Peat Digger named Rolfe to bring his peat out of the fen to the village. Unfortunately this seems to have been handed down through word of mouth so we have no documentary evidence to support this as fact but it sounds plausible and if any of your ancestors made their living by digging and selling peat may even be true!

  2. Steven Mannlng says:

    Thank you very much for your efforts, I haven’t come across any peat diggers in our Rolfe ancestors yet, but if I do I’ll let you know. Steve

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